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Fintech Primitives - A cloud-based platform as a service (PaaS). Simplifies the complexities of the Indian financial ecosystem with APIs. The domain, regulatory and technology complexity have been modularized into building blocks, which provide functionality through simple APIs. AMCs / fintech startups / wealth management businesses can mix and match these APIs to build awesome experiences, serving their customers better.

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CC - A bespoke Svelte front-end for TeamDriveAway. Tested with Jest and Testing-Library. Small video demo of product under development. Built with the team at Able.

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Autoproctor - YC backed AutoProctor uses Artificial Intelligence to prevent and gather evidence of malpractice during an online test. Highly configurable, you decide if and what sources (like audio, video, etc) AutoProctor tracks and stores.

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Socratease - YC backed Edtech-as-a-Service product. A White-labelled solution that provides Content Hosting and Delivery, E-learning Web and Mobile Apps, Student and Classroom Management, and Analytics. You give us your content, we will give you a full-fledged Digital Learning Product.

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Bombay Shirt Company - A full-fledged React/Redux/Ruby based factory-to-store e-commerce solution for Bombay Shirt Company.

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Limit Console - An AWS Amplify based full-stack solution for collecting sales related data and storing it in a single-table DynamoDb database queried via Amplify’s Graphql interface. Built for use as in internal tool at Salesbeat. Please click on the image to see a recorded demo.

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Tattle - A FOSS project, and One of the winners of the AI and the News Open Challenge, Tattle is a civic tech project that aims to build tools and datasets to understand and respond to misinformation in India, in Indian languages. Read more on Tattle here. And here is a demo of the solution I built.

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Netra - A multi-industry, context-aware, image/pdf-to-data ML engine created by Singularium needed a robust frontend to extract tabular data from images and scanned PDFs, I helped them flesh out a deliverable UI/UX within a month.The solution included authentication and OTP-based registration. An excel-like table within the app was made possible with the wonderful jExcel. Short video demo

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Ballyhoo - An e-commerce portal for making reservations and enabling loyalty programs of restaurants, and for booking tickets to events in cities across India.

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   - My portfolio as a full stack dev/author.

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