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Tinkering / R&D for work or otherwise, FOSS publications



basic cellular automata demo using wasm-pack. [launch↗️]


an exercise erc721 standard implemented for the zk-snark company Starknet’s own blockchain network. the smart contracts are written in a solidity-like language called cairo.

full-stack app with api that serves .glb files (pre-rendered 3D models) to a next.js client which renders them as a simple carousel. The strapi-based api is consumed by a client using react-three-fiber and next.js in a specially configured canvas. Great starting point for 3D showcases that need a backend. demo video↗️.


a babel plugin for more convenient JSX syntax when passing props to components.

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Zen mode for youtube - A featured Cross-browser plugin to remove addictive features on YouTube like thumbnails, comments, previews and more… to make the experience less addicting. Download for your browser by clicking on the respective badge below.

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My interpretation of the russian game, done entirely using input HTML elements. Using Next.js/TypeScript. Fully responsive/Mobile ready (swipe up, down, left, right). Speeds up as score increases. Click the image for a video demo or play now↗️! Nextrix

Whatsapp Scraper

The open source scraper built for Tattle takes in the .zip/.txt files exported by WhatsApp users and stores it on Google Drive, it then downloads and parses them into JSON, which is then uploaded to the Tattle Database/CMS. video demo↗️

SVG Crossword

A Simple Crossword puzzle in React built with the philosophy of SVG-over-CSS. Inspired by The Guardian crossword puzzle, and has all the same features, which include revealing individual words, revealing all words, verifying each/all words from the backend and color-coding correct/incorrect words. crossword

Match The Following

A match-the-following game written in p5js. Later at Socratease, this evolved into a purely React-based project using Atlassian’s React-Beautiful-DnD. A similar implementation of this turned into a Classification puzzle for Socratease, here, instead of matching columns, the user must drag the choices into appropriate “buckets”. Features included a randomized color-colding scheme which informs the user of the correct bucket. Click on images for respective demos/videos. Match The Following


Minesweeper in React-Typescript & SASS

Ray Tracer

A simple CLI-based ray-tracer with basic lighting and multiprocessing written in Python. asciicast

URL Shortener

Full stack app using Express, React, Mongodb, Tailwind. With Google Authentication and simple encryption. A short video demo↗️.

Candlestick Chart

A simple React/D3/D3FC based toy app I built to teach myself the basics.

React-Table Dashboard

A perfunctory marketing datagrid/dashboard using React-Table, Axios and Chart.js built as an interview assignment. Click here↗️ to use.


A simple calendar written from scratch in React.