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Video Asks Questions - A JSON/Javascript program that interactively starts/stops a video, asks a question, and continues or loops back to a given time depending on whether the answer was correct or wrong.   Video Questions

Whatsapp Scraper - The open source scraper built for Tattle takes in the .zip/.txt files exported by WhatsApp users and stores it on Google Drive, it then downloads and parses them into JSON, which is then uploaded to the Tattle Database/CMS.      Initial app ws0      Final app ws

Crossword - A Simple Crossword puzzle in React. SVG interals. Inspired by The Guardian crossword puzzle, and has all the same features, which include revealing individual words, revealing all words, verifying each/all words from the backend and color-coding correct/incorrect words. Here’s a video demo.   Crossword

Match The Following - A match-the-following game written in p5js. Later at Socratease, this evolved into a purely React-based project using Atlassian’s React-Beautiful-DnD. A similar implementation of this turned into a Classification puzzle for Socratease, here, instead of matching columns, the user must drag the choices into appropriate “buckets”. Features included a randomisded color-colding scheme which informs the user of the correct bucket.      Match The Following Match The Following Classification

MineSweeper-TS - Minesweeper in React-Typescript & SASS   Minesweeper

AMFII Dashboard - A dashboard to view (using Highcharts) the performance of ~30,000 Mutual Funds in India. NAV data from AMFII Website, Time series chart data from Quandl.   AMFII Dashboard

Candlestick Chart - A simple React/D3/D3FC based toy app I built to teach myself the basics.   Chart

React-Table Dashboard - A datagrid based off of the excellent React-Table component implemented with json-server  

MERN Login - Dead simple login and registration app using Node.js, Express, Passport, Mongoose, EJS and some other packages.  

Learning Progress - A github-like progress tracker for learning and habit-building, using google sheets as a backend.  

Calendar - A simple calendar written from scratch in React.   Calendar