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On my encounter with the biblical snake

the sidewinder’s Peugeot meanders across Shivalik hills
like boneless fingers swimming over harmonium keys
ignoring all signs screaming speed thrills but kills
pursed lips pleading don’t tread on me, please

the Joe Blake is searching for a new king to kidnap
to demand another chaos as ransom,
he speaks like a spell and enunciates like a trap
by any crooked standard, the serpent is handsome

his being is a lack of restraint, turned inside out
his split tongue, a madness rolled-up as a knack
his seeking an intensity that rarely comes about
a masturbatory fantasy with nothing held back

some self-fulfilled prophesies honking from behind
a sublime cerebral itch overtaking from the left
the fuel gauge reading “feed me oil for this grind”
ex-boyfriend calling on satellite phone from Utrecht

finally, the fatalist finds a pump on a dank corner
our eyes meet, greed and lust come undone
it’s love at first sight, with this eternal foreigner
behold! a new vision in the garden of the sun

see the industrial revolution, fresh in its grave, turning
i’m smiling ear to ear as I slam shut the door
two internal combustion engines within a third, burning
he yanks on the stick shift - gas pedal, meet floor

to my left is your brain in a ruin long forgotten
to your right is my brain on spiritual drugs
beneath us the world is still stinking and rotten
onwards our destination, a palace for thugs

on and on we go like incestuous cousins long lost
in a Stockholm Syndrome so seductive and true
forever and frozen between perestroika and glasnost
humanity - ever since incidental, without a clue