SURAJ SHARMA / スラージ・シャルマ

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Netra - A multi-industry, context-aware, image/pdf-to-data ML engine created by Singularium needed a robust frontend, I joined the team and helped them flesh out a deliverable UI/UX within 3 months. A useful B2B tool for turning unstructred data to structured data, Netra has applications in Retail, Medicine, Catering and Education verticals, among others. Using the Zustand library in a non-singleton manner for state management (sorry flux/redux), I was able to work with large images and lots of SVG annotations, while processing coordinates expressed in different coordinate systems over a REST API. The turnkey solution included authentication and OTP-based registration. An excel-like table within the app was made possible with the wonderful jExcel. Watch the video Stack: React/Zustand, react-router, Styled-Components, jexcel, chakra-ui, rsuite
Tattle - A FOSS project, and One of the winners of the AI and the News Open Challenge, Tattle is a civic tech project that aims to make accurate information more accessible to mobile first users, in languages that they are comfortable with. To this end, Tattle is creating an open archive of content circulated on chat apps; and building open source data collection tools and APIs to index and query the multimedia archive. You can read more about the project here. Tattle Stack: GatsbyJS, React/Redux, Node, Redis, Docker, SQL, GraphQL
Autoproctor - AutoProctor uses Artificial Intelligence to prevent and gather evidence of malpractice during an online test. Highly configurable, you decide if and what sources (like audio, video, etc) AutoProctor tracks and stores AutoProctor Stack: HTML, CSS, JS
Socratease - An Edtech-as-a-Service product. A White-labelled solution that provides Content Hosting and Delivery, E-learning Web and Mobile Apps, Student and Classroom Management, and Analytics. You give us your content, we will give you a full-fledged Digital Learning Product. Socratease Stack: Python, Flask, Jinja, React, JS, SQL
Bombay Shirt Company - A full-fledged React/Redux/Ruby based factory-to-store e-commerce solution for Bombay Shirt Company. BSC Stack Node, React, Redux, Express, IndexedDB, MongoDB
Ballyhoo - An e-commerce portal for making reservations and enabling loyalty programs of restaurants, and for booking tickets to events in cities across India. Ballyhoo Stack: Node, React, Redux