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Koshwapp / Whatsapp-Scraper - For their open-source federated archive of social media messages, Tattle needed a “Whatsapp Chat Ingester”, something that can read the .zip file that whatsapp exports and parse it for individual messages. I finished building this in under a week with React (hooks), Styled-components, jszip, and the awesome whatsapp-chat-parser library by Loris Bettazza who helped me out with parts of the project. You can use it to select, delete, link and tag whatsapp messages, including images (and videos in the future). Another related tool build using the same parser library is a whatsapp-scaper which takes in the .txt files exported by WhatsApp users and stored on Google Drive, and turns them into JSON, which is then uploaded to the Tattle Database. Koshwapp
Crossword Crossword - A Simple Crossword puzzle in React. SVG interals. Inspired by The Guardian crossword puzzle, and has all the same features, which include revealing individual words, revealing all words, verifying each/all words from the backend and color-coding correct/incorrect words. Here’s a video demo.
Match-The-Following - A match-the-following game written in p5js. Later at Socratease, this evolved into a purely React-based project using Atlassian’s React-Beautiful-DnD. A similar implementation of this turned into a Classification puzzle for Socratease, here, instead of matching columns, the user must drag the choices into appropriate “buckets”. Features included a randomisded color-colding scheme which informs the user of the correct bucket where the item belongs. Match The Following Match The Following Classification
PostureWatch PostureWatch - CLI Utility reminds you to watch / rate your current posture. Works great with Anybar (but works without it too!)
MineSweeper-TS - Minesweeper in React-Typescript & SASS. Minesweeper
AMFII Dashboard AMFII Dashboard - A dashboard to view (using Highcharts) the performance of ~30,000 Mutual Funds in India. NAV data from AMFII Website, Time series chart data from Quandl.
Video Questions - A JSON/Javascript program that interactively starts/stops a video, asks a question, and continues or loops back to a given time depending on whether the answer was correct or wrong. No link as the software is property of Socratease. Patent Pending. Video Questions
Chart Candlestick Chart - A simple React/D3/D3FC based toy app I built to teach myself the basics.
React-Table Dashboard - A datagrid based off of the excellent React-Table component implemented with json-server. React-Table
React-Table MERN Login - This is a user login and registration app using Node.js, Express, Passport, Mongoose, EJS and some other packages.
Learning Progress - A github-like progress tracker for learning and habit-building, using google sheets as a backend. Learning
Calendar Calendar - A simple calendar written from scratch in React

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